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I know, this website about the pugs, but there need to be a small chapter about the pug's Persion cat brother.


Our Persian cat was called Beer, and in Dutch this means bear, since he looked like a little bear. Because in English his name was a bit confusing, we started to call him on Instagram "Catbro" (cat brother).


He was with our family almost 4 years before Fien arrived. Although they would never play together, they hang out together quite a lot, and Fien knew how to behave when Catbro was around her. She would never start chasing him or teasing him, they just sat quietly together. 

That changed when Rowdy Rosie made her entrance. Rosie often couldn't control herself and she has done quite some running after him. But when Catbro didn't want to "play" anymore, he just went upstairs. The pugs weren't used to take the stairs in our house, so Catbro was totally safe there. He had his bed, toilet, and food there and he liked spending time there anyway.

After some time Rowdy Rosie became less energetic and she stopped chasing Catbro. 

By the time Fien passed away, and Matilda had arrived in our family, Catbro was 17.5 years old and he wasn't feeling well. For a few months it had been in our minds, that the time was near for Catbro to cross the rainbow bridge. As hard as it was, we knew we had to let him go..

So 4 months after Fien crossed the rainbow bridge, Catbro went there too, but the thought that they were together now, gave us some kind of peace. 

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