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My name is Susanne and I'm the writer of this blog. To be more specific: It's me who is writing, but sometimes the thoughts and reflections will be of Matilda the pug. As you know: pugs can do a lot, but they can't actually write, hold a pen, or use a laptop, since they don't have thumbs or fingers ;)

I'm married to Guido, and we have a son and a daughter: Florent and Armijn. If you follow us on Instagram, you might have seen them in my posts. But the @thedutchpugsisters Instagram account is really about my pugs.


As a kid I never have been nagging my parents a lot to get me a dog. Funny enough, when I was really young, I asked for a monkey as a pet many times. I must have been so young that I didn't even know that monkeys aren't pets.


And from the first time I saw a pug, I just knew: One day I'll have a pug. I don't think a pug is a dog. A pug is.. a pug.


My life with a pug started in 2007, with a black pug puppy Josephine (aka Fien) and 8 years later we decided to have another pug, and a fawn puppy called Rosie came to live with us too. Their characters were quite different: Fien had always been very calm, and patient, while Rosie was so energetic, always trying to get all the attention, and her nickname quickly became Rowdy Rosie.

Fien passed away when she was 14 years old, we were totally heartbroken and we missed her terribly. Poor Rosie was missing her pug sister too, she looked so lost.. Although Fien would be irreplaceable, we felt we would love to have another black pug one day.

Three months later we were ready to welcome Matilda, a very cute and sassy little black pug puppy, and from the moment she arrived Rosie acted so much more mature, alle of a sudden she wasn’t rowdy Rosie anymore!


The story continued with Rosie, Matilda and with Fien in our hearts, but the tragedy struck again: Rosie became very ill, and passed away, when Matilda was only 1,5 years old..

We were completely devastated, and still, there isn't a day that Rosie isn't in my mind. The only thought that eases the pain, is that Fien and Rosie are together again. 

And Matilda.. Matilda is our cute little monkey that makes us laugh 100 times a day and we can't imagine life without her.

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