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I remember when I was a small kid I always asked for a monkey as a pet. Everyone thought that was rather funny and only when I got older I understood why it wasn’t normal to have a monkey as a pet.​


I think I especially liked the sweet expressions and the humanlike features that monkeys have, and many years later when I saw a pug for the first time, it reminded me of my love for monkeys, and I just knew, one day I’ll have a pug.

Not a dog, but a pug. ​


So one day, Fien (full name Josephine), a black pug, came to my life and was so very loved from the very first day she entered our house and this never stopped.

Eight years later Rosie (a beautiful fawn pug puppy) came to join our family too and although Rosie had a different character, she only strengthened our positive feelings about pugs.​


When Fien passed away, we knew right away that one day we would love to welcome another black pug puppy in our family again. Rosie had been so used to the company of Fien, they had been always together, wherever Fien went, Rosie followed her, so she was missing Fien terribly. ​


We were so lucky that Matilda was born, she’s the cutest little creature, and we couldn’t be happier with her.  When Rosie passed away, totally unexpectedly, we were so deeply saddened and heartbroken. We felt blessed to have Matilda in our lives already. She made us laugh through our tears and she was, and still is, of so much comfort to us. 


In 2014 I started following some pug accounts on Instagram, like Minnie&Max, Chubbs the Wampug, and Hamilton the pug, and I loved reading about their adventures and seeing their cute pictures.

After some time our daughter said that it would be so much fun if I started an Instagram account too, with pictures of Fien. So in 2015 I decided to start an account for Fien and some months later Rosie joined the fun. In only one year time 32.000 people started to follow the account and I was overwhelmed with their love and kindness for Fien and Rosie.

So many people wrote me how Fien and Rosie made them feel happy, made them smile, made them feel better, and how they could change their moods in a positive way. That's when I realized that what started as an Instagram account "just for fun" had changed in something I couldn’t even stop anymore; too many people were looking out to Fien and Rosie’s stories every day!

And even now, with only Matilda around, my Instagram followers tell me they love watching the stories and adventures of Matilda as an only pug, and ofcourse the returning cherished memories of Fien and Rosie. 

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