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Not everyone knows that the pug is one of the oldest breeds of dog, roots dating back to 400 BC. They originated in Asia, where they were companions for Tibetan Buddhist monks in their monasteries and where they were bred as lapdogs for Chinese emperors. These pugs even had their own servants and guards and were treated like royalty. 

In the 16th century pugs made their way to Europe, as the official dogs of the House of Orange in The Netherlands and later pugs also became popular in the Royal House of Stuart.

In France, Josephine Bonaparte had a pug to have a companion and to keep her warm in bed. Pugs were used as bed warmers in the old days because they’re so dedicated and they would lay still for so long. And on their wedding night, when Napoleon refused to allow the dog to sleep in their bed, Josephine told him, "If the Pug does not sleep in our bed, neither do I!”

Well, I guess pugs were designed for quite a few things: as a companion, as a bed warmer, to love and to give love and last but not least, to just look cute.

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