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Hi! My name is Matilda!

I'm one of The Dutch Pug Sisters, to be more specific: I'm the youngest one. I've never met the oldest Dutch Pug Sister Josephine, aka Fien, but I heard a lot about her. Everyone tells me she was very special, and I think she was beautiful too when I look at pictures of her.

I came to live with this family in Oktober 2021, when Fien already had crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few months before. Rosie was there to welcome me and I loved her right from the start, and I know she loved me just as much by the sight of her wagging curly tail!


There also was a Persian cat brother, but I haven't had much time to hang out with him because he passed away just after a few months when I was with my new family.

He was really old, 17,5 years! He had orange hair and was fluffy as a lion, but unfortunately mom didn't want me to chase him. We said goodbye to him in December 2021 and I think Rosie missed him a lot, because she had known him for so long. But lucky I was there to comfort Rosie.

The picture here on the right is me, as a baby. I remember everyone was giggling at me and smiling and saying cute words and they even touched my belly! It made me feel kinda insecure. But I'm told humans act like that when they think you're cute so I don't mind it anymore. 



Today I'm an only pug, because one day Rosie became very ill, and within a week she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Mom cried so much, I don't think she has any tears left. And I.. I was very sad that my best buddy left me so sudden. I'm happy that mom & dad gave me all the time I needed to say goodbye to Rosie, because you might not know this, but although Rosie's heart had stopped beating, she was still there, that day on the sofa, and she felt our presence. It was not only us saying goodbye to Rosie, Rosie was saying goodbye to us too.

I'm used to my life as an only pug now. It's fun too, because I get so much attention from mom & dad, and they take me everywhere! And sometimes, I'm happy when they go somewhere without me; I need my rest and my beauty sleep you know!

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