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A new start

Hi Friends,

It's been a while since we last wrote a blog. So much has happened since. The worst thing that happened is that 3 months ago my sister Rosie passed away and we were all terribly sad.

It's difficult to explain how we felt, but I think we felt incredibly lost. As if your feet can't touch the ground anymore, as if your head is too full with thoughts, as if your limbs don't belong to your body anymore, you know, just.. lost.

Because I was with Rosie on the sofa, for 8 hours, when she'd passed away, and I've been able to sniff her and touch her and talk to her and feel her and cuddle up to her, I have the feeling I had a proper goodbye.

It felt as if she was still there, I mean her spirit was there with me on the sofa, and I'm so grateful mom and dad let me be with her for all these hours. They didn't even mind when I went laying right on top of her. They just waited for me when I was ready to let Rosie go. And this took me 8 hours. And then I let her go.

I'm a positive pug, so I refuse to stay too long in a negative mode, and I decided to do my best to cheer up mom and dad. I have the feeling they tried to cheer me up too, so in the end we all felt a little better and we could laugh through our tears. I'm a pug so I don't have the tears like mom has them, but I think you know what I mean.

Mom and dad took me to Cannes and we had the best vacation ever. I call it "quality time". As an only pug, I get so much attention from mom and dad, and they take me everywhere! To be honest, it is pretty exhausting sometimes, but I wouldn't have missed Cannes for the world, because the weather (sun!), the blue skies, the beach, all these kind people, the shops, the (dogfriendly!) restaurants, it was fantastic, and mom and dad promised me we'll go back.

Since Rosie isn't here anymore, it's my task now to write the blog. Well, mom does the typing, because, you know, pugs don't have fingers or thumbs to hold a pen or to type, but everything you read, are MY thoughts!

So I think of it as a new start. Me, Matilda, writing her own blog.

Sounds pretty cool doesn't it!?

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