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*Please be aware that some of the information in this blog post may no longer be up to date.

Our family consists of 6 members: First there's us: Rosie (me) and Matilda, then there's our mom (the writer of this blog), our dad, our Bigbro Florent, our Bigsis Armijn, and last but not least our Persian Catbro. His name is Beer, which in Dutch means bear, because we think he looks like a bear.

Catbro is 17,5 years old, he has lots of fluffy orange hair, and a very flat face. He looks like Garfield, and when he was younger he behaved like Garfield as well. Sometimes we catched him trying to jump on the sofa, but then he couldn't reach it so he fell on the floor. You can imagine we think he's pretty funny, but we treat him with respect, even when he takes over our bed!

Catbro is cool, but like I said earlier, he is 17,5 years old and that's really really old for a Persian cat. He hasn't been doing well this last year, and we feel sorry for him. He can hardly walk and when he's carried downstairs to sit with us, he doesn't move at all and we can see he's not happy.

It looks like he doesn't know how to use his litter box nowadays, and he's not cleaning himself anymore. And the worst part is that he has epileptic seizures sometimes, which is pretty frightening. I think we might have to say goodbye to him somewhere in the near future, but thinking about this makes us really sad...

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