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*Please be aware that some of the information in this blog post may no longer be up to date.

It all started with Fien. Her full name was Josephine.

The fact is that mom really wanted a pug, but dad didn't want a pug, or any dog. It would "deprive him of his freedom" he said. Every time mom saw a pug, a real pug, or one on tv, or even a pug on a painting, she thought it was a 'sign' that she really really needed one and that's what she kept on telling dad.

Finally she said: "It's okay if we don't take a pug now, but I just want you to know that whatever happens, I'm not gonna grow old and die without having had a pug in my life. We might as well have her now". I think that made sense to dad, and when mom said "Let's just go to a breeder to learn more about pugs and you'll get all the answers to all your questions about pugs in general" he said "okay", and there they went, to a breeder, who happened to just have puppies haha!

That was very clever of mom, she already knew that once you visit a breeder who has puppies.... even dad would give up all his freedom for a puppy like Josephine!

So that's how it all started. They went to visit the breeder, and 2 months later, they took her home.

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